Tropical Storm Harvey Communication

08/31/2017 – UPDATE
On Thursday 8/31 Lawler Foods will resume business operations. Customer service will be available to manage and accept customer orders and enquirers from 8:00 CST.
Production, shipping and receiving will resume based on an updated schedule with plans to work through the Labor Day holiday weekend to make up for lost production time.

08/28/2017 – UPDATE
We are continuing to work through the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Our concern is first for the all the people in the Houston area that have been effected by Tropical Storm Harvey and specifically for the safety of our employees.

To date, our plants are intact and have not suffered any major damage. Unfortunately, water levels remain high and will remain so for the next few days. With those high-water levels, many of the roads are impassable for all traffic. For the safety of the employees, we have cancelled all activity from the Houston plants for today (8/28/17) and tomorrow ( 8/29/17).

We apologize for some of the uncertainty that surrounds the exact next steps – but we will provide updates as quickly as we can, based on the weather.

Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding as we work through this event.